Every rug hooker needs good quality, beautiful wool cloth.  This wool is good as-is, but for rug hooking even better when over-dyed or married with other wools.  The purple tones, reds and blues will bleed wonderfully if you are trying to dye up a

Wool Stack 300x225 Wool

Stack of Wool

set of married wools for a project.

The wool is of high quality.  I have noted any irregularities in width or weight in the product descriptions.  Most of the plaids are Pendleton Wools.


Take a look, and have fun shopping!

NOTE:  If the product is available by the inch, that is because I have less than a yard available.


Toast 150x150 Wool

Toast colored wool

per yard, 61" wide, $17 / yd.
Row 2 Cell 1

Red White Blue Check 150x150 Wool

Red-White-Blue-Check Wool

per yard, 61" wide, $17 / yd.

Red Gray plaid 150x150 Wool

Red-Gray-plaid wool

per yard, 55" wide, $17 / yd.

Red Gray Bue Plaid 150x150 Wool

Red-Gray-Bue-Plaid wool

per yard, 58" wide, $17 / yd.

Red 150x150 Wool

Red wool

per yard, 58" wide, heavy weight, $17 / yd.

Purple 150x150 Wool

Purple wool

per yard, 55" wide, $17 /yd.

Plum 150x150 Wool

Plum wool

per inch, 60" wide, heavy weight

Navy Teal Green Plaid 150x150 Wool

Navy-Teal-Green-Plaid wool

per inch, 61" wide

Mauve 150x150 Wool

Mauve wool

per yard, 60" wide, $17 / yd.

Gray 150x150 Wool

Blue-Gray wool

per yard, 62" wide, $17 / yd.

Dark Gray Stripe 150x150 Wool

Dark-Gray-Striped wool

Sold Out

per yard, 62" wide, heavy weight, $17 / yd.

Bright Blue 150x150 Wool

Bright-Blue wool

Sold Out

per yard, roughly 30" wide, previously cut, $8.50 / yd.

Blue Plaid 2 150x150 Wool

Blue-Plaid Wool small

per yard, 56" wide, $17 / yd.

Blue Plaid 150x150 Wool

Blue-Plaid wool large

per inch, 61" wide, $17 / yd.

Black Navy 150x150 Wool

Black-Navy wool

per yard, 58" wide, $17 / yard